Introduction to the Bay Area Future Salon

The Future Salon is making a rapidly changing world fascinating, manageable, and profitable for you.

We are over 600 mostly Bay Area people interested in exploring possible futures and influencing our future in a positive way.

jaron_lanier_futures_salon_april_2004We have an active discussion group, but for many the most interesting event is our monthly Future Salon. We meet usually on the third Friday of the month from 7pm to 9pm with a theme and an expert presenter from that particular field.

We are still small enough, between 30-70 participants, to have a lively discussion during the Salon, where the different background and viewpoints of the people leads to very interesting new insights.

I recently got interviewed by Rachel Beth Egenhoefer for Switch about the Future Salon. The article goes a bit more into details and the motivation behind it.

These discussions are continued afterwords in a restaurant close by and often go on until we are thrown out. Die harts have been seen hours later still standing on the sidewalk. If that interests you, subscribe to our RSS feeds: Posts, comments or join the mailing list.