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Mike R

Looking forward to it! I don't have a wiki login and don't see a way to get one. Is there some info on the page I'll need for tonight?

Will this link suffice?


Great webcasts look forward to mayn more!

Eric Boyd


Thanks again for all the great future salon's - I greatly enjoy them.

Here is the link I promissed to the talk by Robin Hanson:


His talk begins at the 34:00 mark.

You can see the rest of the "Better Humans?" conference here:


Once I am finished watching them all (which may take another week yet) I will be blogging about them all, but for now here's my comment on Hanson's talk:

In the third talk, Robin Hanson's covers economics and uploading - and he is much less "sloppy" (his word) than other analysis's I have seen, in that he's thought through what makes a big difference (labour, human capital) and what doesn't (energy, materials). He has an interesting water/rising tide analysis which is similar to my essay on Robotics and Global Scenarios. He talks about the traditional brain-scan and simulate strategy for uploading - in general I agree that that method is the easiest way to "AI": and it has personal implications, in as much as the details of your brain WILL matter in such a scenario. Hanson has a laser-like focus on the economic implications of this kind of uploading, which is a refreshing change from the philosophic topics that most people usually address. Astonishing, really - economics doubling time at 2 weeks! His talk is probably the most interesting talk I have seen in this collection yet.

He doesn't spend any time justifying his view that matter/energy are not the thing to focus on for the future, but inside his own world of economics he is probably correct: regardless of how we solve the energy problem, it's impact on the wider economy will necessairly be small. What a unique view point :-)



I'm sure as to the nature of the webcast - if it is in fact archived or was a live only thing - but any word on if there will be a functional link sometime?

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