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Jim Hanley

H2N-Gen Hydrogen Generating Module
Joe Williams Sr.

Not enough info is forthcoming about this 'gadget'!
How long does it last?
Does something need to be added periodically?
How often?
What cost?


When this gets onto the market for the average Joe, please let me know!! That is my first thought ofcourse, but realize that if you are successful in this endevour, everyone will know about it. In the meantime, good luck with your project. It is heartwarming to know someone is actually working on something that could change our environment and actually save the average Joe from being dependant on oil and other pollutants!

Jaycee, Montreal,


what does this mixture of chemicals and distilled water actually contain? will these chemical be just as expensive as normal petroleum fuels? and how often will these chemicals need to be replenished? it needs current from the battery to operate but how much power from the battery does it actually use? will i need to put a second battery in my car to power this? i know i have asked alot of questions and that some of them you may not be willing to answer som eof them but it would be greatly appriceated if these questions on the whole were answered


Joe Williams:
Are you hiring in either office T.O. or Winn?


Hey Joe, I have a ford explorer and it is horrible with gas. If you need people to try it in their suv's then let me know..



Hey Joe, If suv owners have to lease the H2N-Gen off of you for $$200 monthly then it is not worth it. that is the money that we would have spent on gas in the first place.

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