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Im 15, my Brother and I have an idea to engance the sims 2 game. I think that there should be a virtual reality suit that is worn with the new versions of sim 2 ideas Iwe have.

!st - one game called " sims 2 school life", about each stage of school, Elementary, Middle school and High School.

2nd- " sims 2 family vacation", visiting amusment parks such as, Disney world, six flages, Hershy park and Coney island.

3rd- " Sims 2 Hollywood expercience" sims are taken from home, flyed to hollywood, and get to meet simulatedlook alike stars of real life. also become stars them selves, while finding friendship, love and a place to stay.

ALL games will be played with the virtual reality suit.

VIRTUAL REALITY SUIT SYSTEM - a wired box pluged into CPU, with 4 microchips

that are wirlessly connected to a chip in the helmet, gloves, shorts and

floor circle matt. ALso will come with little camera that takes picture of full length

body and scans it to make model of person playing.

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