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Adam Rehage

With all do respect to the philosophical presumptions made i feel as though this comparison is ridiculous since the classification of "r" and "k" strategist refers purely to survivorship at the most basic level (living to procreate)and cultural proliferation has no bearing on the strategem when speaking of the "r' and "k'

Nicolas Brown

I know that I am very late in replying, but for the benefit of people who, like me, find this page through Google or some other means, I would like to correct a few infos.

Firstly, I do not think that Iraqis make babies just because of the war. High natality rates are found everywhere in so-called underdevelopped countries. Environments are very unstable not only in war-torn areas, but also in countries where mothers are unsure of whether their children will survive until adulthood, whether because of famine, disease or violence. I suggested that no matter what rationale mothers invoke, the underlying pressure to have children in such contexts is a genetic propensity to ensure that at least some offsprings survive till they mate themselves. In fact, when asked about their motivations to have kids, people in unstable areas of the planet aknowledge that the chances of loosing infants is an important factor in their decision.

Also, I would like to correct Mr Rehage who, in his comment, claims that r- and K-strategies do not apply to culture. There is in fact a whole field of study called memetics that does just that: trying to explain ideas and cultures from the perspective of the theory of evolution. I suggest reading Richard Dawkins' "The Selfish Gene", Brodie's "Virus of the mind" or Blackmore's "The Meme Machine".

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