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Michael Kan

Very cold and empty reception

There was a meeting on the first floor but it has
a controlled access door and the folks said that was
not future salon.

Went to the place and there was a female security
guard who escorted me to the fifth floor.
There where nobody at any of the rooms there.
I had asked if I could stay for another half
hour but the securty guard insisted that I leave
to return back to the street level

Was told that Future Salon has a diffrent format
from " Ask A Scientist ".

The trouble with Ask a Scientist is that the audience has
grown to such a massive size that one hardly gets time
to ask quetions or to confute the speaker's theories.
The talk " Demysifiying String Theory " was rather long
winded and the audience had little time to confront the

So far I see your organization as strictly mid peninsula based
and do not have transit down to your meetings and the Caltrans
actualy quits running trains after a certain hour at night.

So I guess that I will have to forgo having a link to
this on my browser.

Good luck with your endeaviours.

Mike Kan

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